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The Students’ Teacher Recognition Reception (STRR) is an opportunity to celebrate teaching excellence. Recognizing that academic growth and development occurs over many years, each faculty nominates an outstanding graduating student, who then selects two teachers who have made important contributions to their education – one from Kindergarten to Grade 12 years and one from their years at the University of Manitoba.

Students’ Teacher Recognition Reception

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  • 20款超实用快捷指伖:iPhone效率瞬提N倍 - huanqiu.com:2021-4-11 · 对于那些不支持 3D Touch 的机型来说(例如 iPhone XR),这个「快捷指伖」是一个很好的补充。 2、午休勿扰 当我伔需要午休时可众用这款「快捷指伖」来自定义 iOS 勿扰模式的打开时间,而且在午休结束后还能通过闹铃叫醒你,并自动退出勿扰模式。
    Faculty and instructors, this good news is for you!  The Libraries have integrated a new tool into UM Learn, designed to help you easily share reading materials for each of your courses. Reading lists may include items from the Libraries, […]
  • Webinar explores academic integrity and file-sharing behaviours among students
    On August 14, Brenda Stoesz, Faculty Specialist in The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, along with Josh Seeland, Academic Integrity & Copyright Officer at the Assiniboine Community College, will be presenting an interactive session on academic file-sharing […]
  • The must-do online course and other insights for teachers
    Puffin浏览器Puffin Web Browser v2.2.5:2021-6-14 · Puffin Web Browser介绍 Puffin瀏覽器是一個可众完整顯示電腦版網頁的快速網頁瀏覽器, 可众在您的iPad, iPhone和iPod touch上顯示包含Flash在內的絕大部分網頁內容, 並且能夠播放網路上數众萬計 …

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As leaders in education, academic staff at the University of Manitoba make commitments to uphold the six fundamental values of academic integrity: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage (International Centre for Academic Integrity) and to model these values to students at every stage in their academic careers. Read more to discover ways to encourage academic integrity and prevent academic misconduct at the University of Manitoba.

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TeachingLIFE magazine, a University of Manitoba publication, showcases teaching and learning on—and beyond—our campuses.


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January | 2021 | en.huanqiu.com:A 4182 train is ready to leave the station. (Photo/cnr.cn) People like to use the word fast to describe China’s rapid railway development. However, in some regions of the country, trains are still operating at a very slow speed, such as the 4182 train running on Yakeshi …
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